OpenRG experts help you get the most bang for the buck from free, open source models.

Model Support

An OpenRG expert will commit to answer all of your questions about an open source model for a monthly rate.

Model Development

An OpenRG team will help you enhance an open source model to better suit your needs.

Model Application

An OpenRG expert will apply open source models to answer your questions.

Model Training

An OpenRG expert will train your staff on how to use an open source model, so that you can build in house-expertise.

Skills Training

An OpenRG expert will train your staff on essential modeling skills to accelerate your progress on a related project.

Open Source Incubation

An OpenRG expert will advise you on incubating new, open projects.

Pro Bono

OpenRG experts provide pro bono service to educators, students, journalists, and elected representatives.

Write to to request an exploratory meeting with an OpenRG expert.