For Experts

Apply to Join OpenRG

Send a 250 – 2000 word document to that applies your project or expertise to a problem that would be relevant to a business, nonprofit, or government agency.

  • Provide a link to relevant data or code.
  • If you work on a team, you are encouraged to include your collaborators as co-authors and submit a joint application to OpenRG.

OpenRG experts will review your application as a community. If we accept your submission, we will publish it as a Quantitative Note and extend you an offer to join the OpenRG network of experts. We will then circulate your QN to groups that would benefit from your expertise. 

Typical client relationship

OpenRG experts’ relationships with clients tend to unfold predictably. Here is a standard path:

  1. Client expresses interest in an OpenRG expert’s work based on a Quantitative Note or other business development.
  2. OpenRG leadership schedules a 20 minute exploratory meeting between the expert and client.
  3. Expert closes the deal.
    1. If it is obvious what the client needs, the OpenRG expert provides the client a suggested service contract in terms of hours or deliverables. For hourly contracts, the expert can ask OpenRG leadership to act as an intermediary.
    2. If it is not obvious what the client needs, the OpenRG expert suggests a 5-10 hour ‘roadmapping’ contract to discuss the client’s issues, brief them on your project and your capabilities, and `roadmap` an agenda.

Business arrangement

  1. Expert and Client agree to a support package or additional service.
  2. Client and OpenRG enter a contractual relationship.
  3. OpenRG representatives handle billing and legal.
  4. OpenRG disburses funds to experts.
  5. OpenRG keeps 18% of the gross amount to pay overhead.