Matthew Jensen

Matthew Jensen is a public policy researcher with experience in information security and economic policy. His projects with OpenRG often relate to budget scoring, revenue estimation, regulatory cost-benefit analysis, and information counterparty risk analysis.

Jensen's professional roles have included:
- Principal, Open Research Group, 2022-Present
- Co-Founder and Board of Directors, Open Research Group Inc., 2017-Present
- Advisory Board, Synthetic Data & Validation Server Project, Tax Policy Center, 2021 - Present
- Advisory Board,, 2021 - Present
- Founding Director, Open Source Policy Center at the American Enterprise Institute, 2013-2022
- Expert, Mission to China on Tax Policy, International Monetary Fund, 2020-2021
- Fellow, U.S. Chamber Foundation, 2012-2013
- Research Assistant and Associate, American Enterprise Institute, 2010-2013

He is the co-creator of several open-source projects including:
- U.S. Government Information Leaks, 2020 - 2023
- IRS Disclosures
- Tax-Calculator
- Policy Simulation Library
- Tax Brain

Some of his reports and articles include:
- "A Warning Note from Discord" in National Review Capital Matters.
- "The Government is Failing to Guard Americans' Personal Information" in National Review Capital Matters.
- "Repealing the SALT Cap: State-by-State-Impacts" in Tax Notes States with Donald Boyd.
- "Transparency for Congress's Scorekeepers" in National Affairs.
- "A Simple Measure of the Distributional Burden of Debt" in Tax Notes with Aspen Gorry.
- "Charles Tiebout, Foot Voting, and Competition among Localities", a chapter in Rethinking Competitiveness with Kevin A. Hassett and R. Glenn Hubbard.

His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and professional publications such as TaxNotes, The Bond Buyer, and the US Chamber Foundation's Business Horizons Quarterly.

Jensen graduated from Pomona College with a degree in math. He grew up in Indiana and lives in New Jersey with his family.

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